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Shandong Hi-speed Group Co., Ltd (SDHS) is a solely state-owned comprehensive enterprise group ,with the characteristics of modernization, internationalization and high-efficiency.Its leaders are managed by Shandong Provincial Committee and the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Committee of Shandong Provincial fulfill the responsibilities of the investors. It is mainly engaged in investment , construction , operation and management of highways, bridges, railways, rail transits, harbors and logistics Industry, and also set foot in construction ,building material,information ,financing,real eatate and annual opration revenue of 65 billion RMB,Taxation and profit 8.5billion RMB,total assets of 550 billion RMB and debt ratio of 61%, and the total number of staff is over 70000. Its assets value ranks first among all Shandong Province-run enterprises and all Chinses enterprises of the same industry and the total amount of assets and profit are 1/4 of Province-run enterprises .It has achieved successively the appraisal indicators for Grade-A performance by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Committee of Shandong Province and has ranked among"China Top 500 Companies"for 10 consecutive years.




Founded in February 2014 with a registered capital of USD10 million,SHANDONG HI-SPEED(SINGAPORE)PTE LTD is principally engaged in international trade and overseas investment and financing business. It is a strategic operation of "Going Global" The first wholly owned subsidiary. Singapore companies relying on the Group's excellent brand and strong strength, with Singapore Asia Pacific financial center, trade center and shipping center location advantages, based in Singapore, Asia Pacific and Europe and other regions, and actively carry out the petrochemical, nonferrous metals, iron ore, etc. Commodity-based re-export business, with revenue of more than RMB 6 billion  in 2015 and a substantial increase of RMB 12.2 billion in 2016, was successfully selected as Singapore's Global Trader Program (GTP). In the meantime, Singaporean companies actively promote overseas investment and cross-border financing in accordance with the Group's strategic plan.


山东高速(新加坡)有限公司(以下简称“新加坡公司”)成立于2014年2月,注册资金1000万美元,主营国际贸易、海外投融资业务,是山东高速集团实施“走出去”战略在境外设立的第一家全资子公司。 新加坡公司依托集团的卓越品牌和强大实力,借助新加坡亚太地区金融中心、贸易中心和航运中心的区位优势,立足新加坡,面向亚太和欧洲等地区,积极开展以石油化工、有色金属、铁矿石等大宗商品为主的转口贸易业务, 2015年实现营业收入60多亿元,2016年大幅增长至122亿元,成功入选新加坡全球贸易商计划(GTP)。同时,新加坡公司按照集团的战略部署,积极推进海外投资、跨境融资业务。




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